Delaney and FAI ‘park the bus’ at Oireachtas meeting





Chair: “This Oireachtas committee is now in session. The committee would first like to hear from Mr. John Delaney, CEO of the Football Association of Ireland”.

  JD: “Actually…I’m now the Vice-President of the Football Association of Ireland, Mr. Chairman…

  Chair: “My apol…”

  JD: “Wait! Executive Vice-President”.

  Chair: “My apologies, Mr. Executive Vice-President. If any of our members present would like to, ahem, kick this meeting off (chuckles) please feel free to do so now”.

  JD: “Actually, Mr. Chairman, I have prepared a statement if you don’t mind…”

  Chair: “My apologies once again Mr. Executive Vice-President. Please, in your own time…”

  Five minutes later…

  JD: “…and you see that is why I won’t be answering any questions today relating to my previous role as CEO of the Football Association of Ireland”.

  Later on as members of the committee began to probe…

  JD: “Sorry Mr. Chairman…”

  Chair: (sighs) “Yes, Mr. Executive Vice-President?”

  JD: “May I take a comfort break?”

  Chair: “Ok, should we adjourn for ten minutes? Is every…”

  JD: “No”.

  Chair: “Sorry?”

  JD: “I just mean for me”.

And so went another dark day in the annals of Irish football. FAI President Donal Conway was left to explain why the association would be answering most of the questions at a later date while grovelling politicians such as Senator Mark Daly, Fianna Fáil’s Kevin O’Keeffe and Kerry Independent Michael Healy-Rae set up a few sitters not even the FAI could miss. 

  There were a number of pertinent questions asked by the likes of Ruth Coppinger, Noel Rock and Imelda Munster while Catherine Murphy also found her stride in the second half.

  However anyone looking to be reassured as to the future direction Irish football is taking was left as frustrated as the average punter after another 0-0 with Oman as FAI officials managed to drop a shoulder and dribble their way out of trouble…at least for now.