‘Definitely a place where I could live and work long-term’


Kavana Donlon (21) is currently studying for a degree in business at Athlone Institute of Technology. He works part-time as a supervisor at Euro Giant at Centrepoint Retail Park in Roscommon town.

Kavana believes Roscommon town residents have been luckier than most during the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says: “We are fairly lucky as most facilities are close by and thankfully many of the local businesses have managed to remain open, which made life a lot easier for us in comparison to other rural parishes and towns.

“In these uncertain times I feel we have to be thankful for the little things and support those local businesses as much as possible.

“With everything that is going on around us in relation to Covid-19, it’s hard know what to expect in the future, but in my opinion Roscommon has a lot of opportunities if you’re willing to work and make an effort in seeking employment.

“The question is whether Roscommon has the potential to attract investment and create employment for younger workers…

“Personally speaking, Roscommon is definitely a place where I could live and work long-term.

“On the other hand, travelling would be a great experience and no doubt offer a wide range of opportunities too.

“After finishing education I do think a lot of young people tend to move away from Roscommon due to opportunities and the city lifestyle in places like Galway, Dublin or even abroad. It can be hard for towns like Roscommon to keep young people at home.

“However, if Roscommon can create employment opportunities the town can hold on to young workers while attracting business people, and this will ultimately help the town to thrive in the future!”

Kavana says there are many positives to town life.

“We actually benefit from the town not being as big as others so I think that brings us closer together!

“There are also plenty of clubs and groups in the town. I play with the local soccer club, Roscommon United. We are lucky enough to be able to enter two teams into the Roscommon & District League. This has been a massive boost for the club and local players.

“Of course sport is one of the major outlets in any town and that Roscommon community spirit is very obvious come championship time at Dr. Hyde Park!”