Declare war on weeds

If rushes, thistles and docks are a problem on your land, then it’s time to declare war on weeds and call Roche Engineering in Ballinasloe.             Roche’s provide Roco spot sprayers and weed wipers which can wipe tall weeds in grassland without damage to grass or clover. The weed wiper proves very effective and is also very economical. It’s also worth noting that all parts for the machines are available at Roche’s and all machines come with a two-year warranty.             Weed wipers use a moistened roller to wipe chemical on weeds emerging above the crop, exploiting the height difference between target weeds and the base crop or grass sward.             It’s worth remembering that Ragwort, Thistle, Dock, Common Barberry, Male Wild Hop and Spring Wild Oat are scheduled as noxious weeds under the Noxious Weeds Act 1936. Any person responsible for land on which these weeks are growing is liable, upon conviction, to be fined. A person responsible for land may be either the owner, occupier, user or manager of the land. In the case of public roads, parks, etc. local authorities have similar obligations.   Benefits for the farmer Selective control of tall weeds in grassland or beet crops with low cost herbicides Reduced quantities of broad spectrum herbicide used resulting in cost savings Likely to be an effective way of achieving weed control in environmentally-sensitive grassland   Benefits for the environment Reduced amount of herbicides in the environment No risk of drift to surrounding areas   For more information on the range of stock at Roche’s, call R. Roche Engineering Ltd, Gurteen, Ballinasloe on (090) 96 77082.