Decision a ‘bodyblow’ – Harkin

The review of the constituencies has once again copperfastened the splitting of County Leitrim, with the real possibility that once again Leitrim may not elect a TD, according to Marian Harkin MEP. ‘Since the revision it is even more likely that Leitrim will not have a resident TD given that the most populous part of Leitrim, South Leitrim, will lose 3,376 of its population to the North Leitrim part of the Sligo/North Leitrim Constituency. This makes it even harder for a South Leitrim TD to be elected next time and the transfer of population to North Leitrim is insufficient to ensure the election of a North Leitrim TD," Marian Harkin said. She added: ‘Despite the fact that the largest number of submissions on the one issue received by the Commission related to including all of County Leitrim in one constituency, they still have decided to split the county. In essence this means that voters in County Leitrim do not have the same choice as voters in other constituencies.’