Deciding what the future holds

Three years ago Poland became a member of the European Union. In May of that year, there was a huge increase in emigration. Polish people took the opportunity to see Europe. Instead of being just tourists, we became economic migrants, making money in other countries. After many years living in an enclosed society, we could and still can, decide where and how we want to live. There have been a lot of moments like that in the history of our country. Huge outflows of emigration followed three separate uprisings in our country. After World War II, there was another huge exodus. Then we all recall a generation, including aunts and parents, leaving Poland in the 1980s. Now we have the latest wave of mass emigration and we have chosen to be part of that wave. Unfortunately, I heard recently on TV very ugly opinions that we were living here just because of money.  I write ‘ugly’ because I only partly agree. Of course, many of us are here because of money and better living standards. This group has already returned to Poland. They have a house, a super car and they are well set up for life. But, I know some people (I am one of them) who don’t invest money in Poland, who are just living week to week and are still deciding where to put down roots. When I observe my friends who have returned to Poland, I just start thinking about my own future. In October, it will be two years since I left my homeland. Ireland (I know I don’t know her fully), it doesn’t hold the same fascination as in the beginning. Days are more and more monotonous. The stabilisation process is over. Work, apartment, car, all sorted. Now I go to sleep quietly because I know what the next day will bring. The time has come to decide what my goals are. I have just decided that I want to stay. Probably, you will ask, ‘is this forever?’ No, I don’t know for sure, but I want to stay until I make the documentary movie about our life in Roscommon. For those people who don’t know what to do, I recommend going for a few beers. Governments make the big decisions. (Ha ha, our Polish Government has already decided that it doesn’t exist). The only plan I want to make is what will be for dinner next Monday. My advice is just concentrate on your dreams, because life, rather than the individual, decides what the future holds.