‘Death rate will rise if hospital plan goes ahead’ – doctors

The following is an edited version of the letter sent to the local media by two leading doctors at Roscommon County Hospital  Dear Sir, The release on the 10th of April, of the HSE’s review of surgical services to Roscommon County Council members took many people, including the consultants at the hospital, completely by surprise.      The review, which recommends the closure of Roscommon County Hospital inpatient surgical beds and the transfer of all inpatient surgery to Portiuncula Hospital is not something that Roscommon consultants had ever agreed to in their negotiations with HSE management.   The second, and preferred option for Roscommon Consultants, was that inpatient surgery would continue in Roscommon, but focusing on elective, or non-urgent, surgery. Also, part of this proposal was that Roscommon surgeons would travel to Portiuncula to do some more major operations whilst still being based in Roscommon. The option included a 24/7 on call consultant surgeon and anaesthetist in Roscommon, as exists at present.    The Roscommon consultants stated a preference for this latter option in writing to the HSE management