Danny’s life-changing surgery in doubt



The family of three-year-old Danny Browne, who suffers from a rare and debilitating condition known as cerebral palsy spastic diplegia, which inhibits his mobility, were this week coming to terms with news that due to complications with his diagnosis, his selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery at St. Louis Children’s Hospital in the United States is now in doubt.

  Danny is the eldest child of Val Browne and Kelly Ann Geraghty from Roscommon town and his family this week told the Roscommon People that they were devastated by the news and said there was “no longer a clear path forward” for Danny.

  In light of the news, all fundraising has now been suspended indefinitely and Danny’s First Steps Trust will begin the process of returning donations. Danny will continue his intensive physiotherapy at First Step Clinic in Limerick as the family investigates options for his future development.

  Should you have any queries you can contact the trust at dannysfirststeps@gmail.com.