Crosby welcomes progress on addressing speeding concerns in local estates

At last Monday’s plenary meeting of Roscommon County Council, Cllr Tom Crosby got the full support from his elected colleagues on a motion he had put on the agenda.

The motion in question proposed that the council install speed ramps in housing estates where families are, according to Cllr Crosby, currently living in fear of speeding traffic entering and leaving the estate.

Cllr Crosby made the case that signage and road markings were no deterrent to the offenders, and as such, the only solution to this serious and urgent problem was putting in place speed ramps in order to force speeding traffic to slow down, and allow families to have their young children play safely outside their homes.

Cllr Crosby stated that there have been many instances of speeding traffic in local housing estates that have caused parents to be fearful of allowing their young children outside their front door.

It was agreed at the council meeting that the matter would be referred to the Roads SPC to come up with an appropriate safety policy, wherein residents’  committees or management companies could make an application to the council for speed ramps and other safety measures. Cllr Crosby welcomed this agreement.