Crosby wants new disability card for equal access in EU

Roscommon county councillor Tom Crosby has supported calls for a new disability card to be introduced that would ultimately ensure that those with disabilities, (including from Ireland), would have equal access to special conditions and necessary supports anywhere in the EU.

As things stand, the recognition of disability varies across all EU member states, so unfortunately people living with disabilities from Ireland who travel within the European Union cannot access the same resources they are entitled to.

“However”, stated Cllr Crosby, “a European Disability Card and European Parking card such as that mentioned would permit cardholders’ appropriate and equal access to special conditions and preferential treatments anywhere in the EU, as well as guaranteed use of parking spaces and facilities reserved for persons with disabilities in all EU countries.

“This”, he stressed, “is their absolute right and we should fight for such on their behalf,” stressing that such cards would complement – and not replace – the national disability recognition programmes.