Crosby says it’s time to get tough on crime

Councillor Tom Crosby has joined calls for an immediate action plan to tackle rural crime in the wake of a spate of rural burglaries.

The Boyle Municipal District councillor said that speaking with people whilst canvassing had made him “much more aware” of the sad reality of rural crime in Roscommon and environs, including residential break-ins in adjoining counties, while noting that the willingness of communities to come together in a bid to help combat this issue in unison with the Gardaí was “heartening”.

“This”, he insisted, referring to tackling the problem, “is achievable – but only with the instigation of a fully and carefully implemented campaign to protect businesses and farming communities who are preyed upon by organised gangs and thieves.

“This will also require the cooperation of our Gardaí and increasing Gardaí resources in the Midlands – a move which I am sure would be welcomed by everyone.

“In addition, we must see tougher guidelines imposed on offenders in our courts and make sure that in this country, as in many others, the time finally fits the crime,” continued Cllr Crosby.

“Ireland cannot be seen as a soft touch anymore and we need to let criminals know that business owners and farmers living in isolated areas are not sitting targets.

“They have worked hard for their properties and their livestock and are not willing to see it all taken away. Ireland need to toughen up”, Cllr Crosby concluded.