Crosby compliments local committee for Rooskey schoolhouse plan

Plans to develop the old national schoolhouse at Rooskey as a sub office of Arigna Leader were this week praised by local councillor Tom Crosby.             Cllr. Crosby complimented the committee of Rooskey Development and Social Inclusion Co. Ltd. for all their hard work on the project. ‘The new development when completed with an investment of up to one million euro, will provide accommodation for a number of community activities for Rooskey and surrounding areas.’             Following his representations, Cllr. Crosby says he has secured funding of €20,000 for the Derryonogh Road at the rear of Rooskey Church which runs parallel to Lough Boffin and is part of the golden mile route promoted by Rooskey Development. Cllr. Crosby states that the work is about to commence on the road and the works will include raising an area of the road which is subject to flooding and the improvement works will extend down to the Pleasure House at the end of the road, which will be used by locals and tourists as a scenic walk route.