Crosby calls for vapes to be included in smoking legislation

The Irish Government has approved legislation that will increase the age at which tobacco can be sold from 18 to 21, a move welcomed by Roscommon county councillor Tom Crosby.

In a recent statement, Cllr Crosby said he was proud that Ireland has become the first country in the EU to increase the age, and he hopes the passing of the Bill will help curb the smoking habit and dissuade young people from taking it up.

“The passing of this Bill is aimed at reducing the number of people who smoke in Ireland, and ultimately make it harder for young people to access tobacco products,” said Cllr Crosby.

“Figures obtained from the HSE reveal that the number of smokers in Ireland has reduced from 27% in 2004 to 18% in 2023”, he continued. “Though this may be viewed as an extreme measure, it is required to tackle the growing number of people taking up the habit, as we all know of the serious health consequences of doing so.

“In fact, I would go further and call on the legislation to increase the age at which vapes and inhaling products can be purchased – they have become extremely popular with teenagers and we do not know enough about them yet and the risks they might pose to our health.

“In addition to this, used vapes are being recklessly discarded around our countryside and have become an eyesore in my opinion, so anything that would go some way to solving this issue would be welcomed further,” concluded Cllr Crosby.