Credit card surcharges should be scrapped – Feighan

The EU Payment Services Directive which will come into force next year will allow the Government to implement a ban on credit card and debit card surcharges and overturn its claim that EU law prevents it from implementing this measure, according to Deputy Frank Feighan. ‘The ban on credit card surcharges was approved by the Oireachtas last year but has not been implemented. Former Enterprise Minister Micheál Martin, informed the Dáil on April 30th that he could not implement Sections 48 and 49 of the Consumer Protection Act 2007 that prohibits credit card surcharges, as this would conflict with the provisions of the EU Directive on Unfair Commercial Practices. ‘However, the Minister for Finance has confirmed that the Payment Services Directive which comes into force next year specifically allows for ‘Member States to forbid or limit the right to request surcharges.’