Creating charm while staying warm this winter



Did you know that Ireland has the fourth most expensive electricity charges in the whole of the EU, falling just behind Germany, Belgium and Denmark? Given this information, it’s understandable that, according to an online survey carried out by iReach Insights, four in five of us (me included, given last year’s electricity price increase) are concerned about the cost of heating our homes this winter. 

  And so, if you’re one of those readers who’re carefully monitoring or even rationing your home heating use this week, we’ve got some tips that may help you keep a bit warmer during the cold spell.

  Before you ramp up the thermostat, open your curtains and allow any natural sunlight to flood into the room, but do close them up at night. Heat up your hot water bottle; wrap it in a pillow case and cosy up under a duvet with a winter warming drink or hot meal. However, don’t opt for the obvious hot toddy which technically will make you feel temporarily warmer (and possibly a bit merry) – you see, as it’s alcohol, it may in fact eventually only serve to lower your body temperature.

  Do you have an immersion heater? If so, is it properly insulated? Check it today and if your worn out lagging jacket needs insulating, get a new one now because you can save up to approximately €170 per year by properly insulating your water tank!

  If you can, keep yourself mobile by doing some sort of physical activity that’ll keep the blood pumping around your body, raising your core temperature. If possible, (weather-permitting), wrap up well and go for a walk, or even do a bit of hoovering or dusting around the house; in fact anything that’ll keep you moving and keep those shivers at bay.

  Here’s a thought…you could keep moving by adding a touch of warmth to your home by decorating it using cosy colours to create an elegant and welcoming atmosphere. We’re sure your local DIY supplier can advise you but we’ve found neutral walls in winter or vintage white or even ivory with a yellowish hue, complimented with shades of grey or ocean blue work well together. Add a harmonising area rug and matching throws and cushions and you’ve not only fashioned a comfortable space, you’ve generated a warm and inviting aspect into your home. Sound like a project?