Creating a thirst for good Conversations

It’s hard to know whether or not one should feel sorry for the cast of Nomad’s forthcoming production of ‘Conversations on a Homecoming’ at Roscommon Arts Centre, because by the end of the play, between five of the characters, a total of 28 pints of Guinness are drank in just ninety minutes and bearing in mind that they need to do this while remembering their lines, their cues and their movements! Don Wycherley, Andrew Bennett, Peter Daly, Michael Patric and Karen Scully have been practising for weeks as they build up their stamina for each evening’s performance and to ensure that their pints of the black stuff are of the finest quality, a tap has been specially set up just off stage and we’re assured that it’s a great pint that the local ‘White House’ pub is serving on stage nightly! Peter Daly who plays the part of Junior in the play, has a particularly hard job, for while some of the others switch their tipple to whiskey during the play, Peter whose character is central to the action and rarely off stage, must drink six of the 28 pints himself. One thing’s for sure, by the time the play is finished, you’ll have a thirst on you for a pint yourself. Check out just how sober these guys manage to stay when you see the play for yourself at the arts centre.