Create that classic cottage appeal


According to property website, an area in Roscommon has “the lowest value of anywhere in Ireland”, with houses on average costing around €58,000. Now we think that could be seen as a positive…and here’s why!

  People are spending money again and with some fears around travel to certain areas of Europe, the concept of owning your very own holiday let, your pied a terre, your maison d’été, (that’s summer house for those reading in black and white), has never been more alluring. And with these prices, it’s also never been more achievable. 

  Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to spend the summer in beautiful Roscommon meaning locals could be quids in if they were to buy now and do up that ol’ house and lease it out to city slickers seeking a hidden love shack or a quiet country retreat.

  So, what’re you waiting for…go get DIYing  ‘cause someone, somewhere wants to kick back, relax and spend the last weeks of summer in your very own, bought for a bargain, Roscommon retreat.

  Here’s what you do! Forget carpets; priceless Persian rugs are out; tiling’s in. Yep concrete surfaces have come a long way with tiling being not only the new interior fad. It’s also low maintenance, durable, is no longer relegated to bathroom floors, and above all, it’s easy on the pocket. Our top tip! Opt for the versatility of a vintage Moroccan palate, it’s strong, it’s bold and it makes a statement.

  For a quick interior fix to create space let the tiles do the talkin’ and paint your walls white –make sure the paint is washable. You see, looking at it from a psychology point of view, white can trick the eye into believing things are further away, so white walls will make smaller rooms feel open, airy and larger. If you think white is too clinical, then opt for a feature wall in pale yellow or a mint green to add an air of sophistication and summer warmth.

  Many old buildings/farm houses have low ceilings and if your new summer let is low rise, don’t worry, a quick lick of metallic paint, (very in vogue this summer) will create a shimmering candle-lit effect. It’ll also bring your decor directly into the golden autumn months. However, if metallic oozes a bit too much oomph then use a satin finish or a semi-gloss white finish on your ceilings to reflect the sun’s rays and give the illusion of height. Our top tip! Give your low ceiling a lift by extending it down your wall. Draw a line along your walls approximately six inches down from your ceiling, and then paint it the same colour as your ceiling. This instantly gives the illusion of increased height. Viola! You’re welcome.