Create a rustic room this winter



If charming, calming and cosy are words you want visitors to use when describing your family’s home this Christmas, then you’ve got no choice but to leg it down to the local DIY/home interior store this weekend and load up an all things country chic!

  Now remember, you’re looking for accessories with splashes of bronzes, golds, mustards, greens, plums, browns, oranges, blues and soft lavenders…all of which means your colour scheme is not in the least bit limited.

  When we think of winter décor we tend to see rich earthy textures that are inspired by outdoor colours, and while wanting to furnish and accessorise your home with luxurious and opulent pieces might sound expensive and daunting, remember, the extent to which you decorate is entirely up to you. You can go mental and spend a fortune, or you can go minimal and keep it creative and cost-effectively cosy; it all depends on your budget. Either way, do have fun and make sure to keep your business local.

  Adding metallic gilding elements to your furniture is a clever and cost-effective way to convey an air of rural, rustic opulence; especially when used in upcycling older pieces. Adding a metallic stencil will serve to enhance both your furniture’s and your interior walls’ charm. 

  The trusty mirror hanging over the fireplace is always a winner when it comes to making the mantelpiece your room’s focal point. However, make sure it’s a statement mirror – meaning look for one showcasing a baroque or gilt frame to make a dramatic impact.

  For a bit of rustic simplicity, you could get a few woven baskets, place one of them beside the fireplace and fill it with logs/turf; dot the others around the room and fill one with vintage books, and others with winter foliage/plants or a natural wreath and some acorns scattered across the top.

  I’m a bit obsessive about having the dining table set with matching table mats, plates, glasses and rustic-effect napkins; even if nobody is visiting. It’s one of my quirks…(annoying habits according to himself), and I hate it if he gets brave and places anything of a DIY/mechanical/screwdriver(y) nature on my table, even for a second. You see, a table set with intricately decorated patterned mats, themed crockery, funky mugs, or jars with candles, conveys a homely, rustic(y), rural(y) feel and I’m simply embracing the beautiful backdrop that is Roscommon county. In addition, a strategically placed vase overflowing with wild flowers, twigs and berries sitting on a windowsill adds sophistication and warmth to any country kitchen.