Create a functional, family-friendly hallway


Nobody likes a damp, dark, dingy hallway. Especially one the kids (and hubby) use as a dumping ground for bags, balls and mucky boots meaning many DIY-ers often tend to overlook this particular area in the home, seeing it as a waste of time. However, with the right palette and the right storage facilities, your hallway can become a bright corridor into the rest of your home.

  A neutral colour will always give a sense of light, airy “welcome to our home” feel. Blues, apple greens or pale yellows say a cheery “hello, come in” while a few family photos hung decoratively around the walls provide a sophisticated flair to this otherwise often uninteresting and forgotten about room.

  Add a narrow console style table – you’ll pick up an interesting vintage style one at a car boot sale/market or antique shop for a song – pop a plant on top and your hallway immediately becomes a well-planned interior design feature in your home.

  Consider a mirror! A ceiling to floor length mirror in a small room gives the illusion of depth. And it adds balance. Our top tip! For a dramatic effect, place a spotlight behind the mirror to create a warm glow. While I’m not an expert on Feng Shui, apparently placing a mirror in your hallway gives visitors a welcome feeling.

  Add hooks and/or coat stands to give the kids somewhere to hang their stuff. A slimline storage unit provides the perfect and practical solution for dog leads and hats, and is ideal for hiding those boots and runners and other knick-knacks the family usually throw on the floor.

  No room for a storage unit or a coat stand, no problem; add a shelf and a peg rail for hanging stuff! If your stairs are in your hallway, don’t allow their underneath space go to waste. Utilise every ounce of space by putting in a vintage style apothecary chest of drawers or some built in bookcases to give a reading room appeal.

  Remember, your hallway is usually the first place you leave easy to lose items like keys, mobile phones, letters, purses and wallets; so make sure the room that doubles as your house entrance and the transitional space to the rest of your home, is functional, practical and is in keeping with your family’s unique style.