Couple take litter into their own hands!

A Rooskey couple who recently filled four bags with rubbish which had been dumped over a 500m stretch of road claim that passing motorists are responsible for the illegal dumping.

The man told the Roscommon People: “The rubbish was strewn along a 500m stretch on the R371 in Knockhall, Rooskey. I noticed it while I was out walking for some exercise. I got really annoyed to see our area being used as a dumping ground. I’m convinced it’s passing motorists who are doing it, not locals.

“My wife and I decided to contact Roscommon County Council to see if they would provide bags, etc. so that we could pick this rubbish up ourselves.

“I have to say full marks to the Council, they were very helpful. They sent out some bags, gloves and long-armed pinchers within two days. So we spent about an hour picking up the rubbish! It was mainly plastic mineral bottles, cans, coffee cups and crisp and sweet packaging”.

The couple are now encouraging other people in the community to be proactive and to take the litter into their own hands, so to speak.

“As most people have a lot of time on their hands at the moment, wouldn’t it be great to see more members of the public doing the same in their areas, while staying within the present Covid-19 restriction guidelines?

“Of course we wouldn’t have to do this if the offenders who put the rubbish there in the first place had a bit of cop on and stopped!”