County Roscommon has second-lowest birth rate

County Roscommon had the second lowest birth rate in the country in the second quarter of 2007, according to figures released this week from the Central Statistics Office. 190 births were registered to mothers from County Roscommon, 102 males and 88 females, giving a birth rate of 12.6 persons per year per 1,000 population. Only one area of the country, Cork County, had a lower birth rate, of 11.6. The figure for Co. Leitrim was 15.9, while the Fingal County Council area in Dublin had the highest birth rate, at 21.1 births per year per 1,000 population. Of the 17,127 births recorded in the first quarter of the year, 11,699 (68 percent) were to married parients and 5,428 to unmarried parents. Of that figure, 2,815 of the births were to unmarried parents living at the same address. In terms of the Co. Roscommon births, five were to women aged under 20, 18 to women 20 – 24, 44 to women aged 25 – 29, 58 to women aged 30 – 34, 56 to women aged 35 – 39 and nine to women aged 40 and over. The average age of the Co. Roscommon mother was 31.9, while the average of the first-time mother was 28. 44 of the Co. Roscommon births were to unmarried mothers. 18 of those were under 25 and 14 were in the 25 – 29 age range. One of the unmarried mothers was aged over 40.