Countdown to Jobs Week!

The Department of Social Protection’s National Jobs Week 2016 takes place from 26th-30th Sept. In the Midlands Region, which includes Roscommon county, the Department of Social Protectiton’s employer engagement team are organising a job shadowing initiative during Jobs Week. 

  The aim is to provide suitably motivated jobseekers with a brief insight into various areas of employment by working alongside other employees for 2-3 days during Jobs Week. It is hoped that it will provide a positive and motivational experience of the workplace for each participant.

  This valuable opportunity should also allow a job seeker to demonstrate their skills and talents to you. We would hope that the jobseeker will receive constructive and ‘real world’ advice from you on the correct course of action to be taken to improve their chances of employment at a future date. This might focus on areas such as their CV, interview techniques, motivation, work ethic and/or some direction on development and training needs.

  Where current or future employment opportunities exist, the 2-3 days of job shadowing should provide you with the opportunity to gain a more hands-on assessment of the suitability of potential candidates that is not always measureable by job interview and where vacancies arise at a future date, that valuable contact will have been established with a potential employee. 

  Support for both the employer and jobseeker will be provided by our Departments staff over the 2-3 days of the placement. If you are interested in participating please contact Anne Holt, Employer Liaison Officer, by email at