Council will route road through Demesne over ‘my dead body’ – ‘Ming’

Independent councillor Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan has hit out angrily on the subject of one of the proposed routes for a ring road around the town of Castlerea that has appeared in the draft development plan for the town. The issues involved will come up for discussion at the next monthly meeting of Roscommon County Council on Monday next.   Speaking to The Roscommon People on Wednesday Cllr. Flanagan said: ‘I know these are only proposals but there are two routes for a ring road in the plan and one of those goes straight  through The Demesne and that’s simply not on.’   He continued: ‘It will happen over my dead body I can tell you. The council can forget about that route – it’s as simple as that. We have to address the traffic situation but going through The Demesne is a non-runner from the very start.   ‘To go through the Demesne would be a cheap way for the council to address the problem but I’m afraid that it will not be happening. Those lines will be disappearing from that map.’   He continued: ‘The people of Castlerea would never forgive their public representatives if they allowed this to happen and I am going to ensure that there is a stop put to the plan for this route immediately.    ‘There is an alternative route on the plan which is perfectly acceptable and it’s also a route that would allow the town to develop properly without any of the facilities of the town being interfered with’ concluded Cllr. Flanagan.