Council told to cut it out!

‘Every blade of grass’ on our county’s road verges will be cut once annually if Roscommon’s six area Grass Trimmers cut just 1.6 miles of road verge daily, according to Cllr. Michael Mulligan of Sinn Féin.   Supported vehemently by Cllrs. Tom Crosby and Cllr. John Connor, the Ballaghaderreen representative proposed an ‘entirely new system of dealing with this matter in the county’ .   Cllr. Sean Beirne and Cllr. Luke Flanagan also supported  the motion, with Cllr. Crosby describing Roscommon’s grassy verges as ‘literally a site’.   ‘We have 3926 kilometres of road in Roscommon. There are six council areas in the county, and each area has its own strimmer. Each strimmer is responsible for roughly 654 kilometres of road. There are 48 working weeks every year and five working days every week. 654 kilometres divided by 48 is 13.64 kilometres per week, which is just 2.8 kilometres or 1.6 miles of verge per working day,’ said Cllr. Mulligan.   ‘The current system doesn’t work. I’ve no gripe with the drivers; it’s the system that’s wrong. Each councillor goes into the council office and asks for certain areas to be cut. In my area Michael Creaton, John Connor, and I all ask for different areas to be cut; resultantly drivers are being sent all over the country and nothing gets done,’ said the Sinn Fein representative.   County Manager Mr. John Tiernan was pessimistic and asserted that the council cannot afford to adopt such a system. He agreed nevertheless to explore the possibility of putting the proposed system in place following persistent argument by Cllrs. Mulligan, Connor, and Beirne.