Council statement on Water Metering

In line with Government Policy, Roscommon County Council has been converting customer water supplies to charging on a metered basis. This process began in 2005 and in November of that year Roscommon County Council wrote to our 5,500 customers informing them of the change from paying for water on a flat rate to a metered basis.    We also indicated at that time that wastewater charges would also apply. The process for the survey of each property and installation was explained. Roscommon County Council appointed Veolia Water to install the 7,000 meters. As part of that process a representative from that company visited each premises in advance and explained to the customer the installation process.    A survey was carried out and some time later a meter box was installed and the area around each box made good. A water meter was then installed.   Approximately 95% of meters are now installed. From July 2007 onwards, Veolia Water will read the meters and prepare bills on the basis of the meter readings for all customers. The prices are 78 cent per cubic meter of water and 96 cent per cubic meter of wastewater. One standing charge of €25 per quarter also applies to each distinct business unit or each farm.    The bills are prepared on a water in/water out basis in which it is assumed that the wastewater to be treated is the same volume as that consumed. The first bills, covering the period 1 st July – 30 th September or a little later, have just been issued.   An eight-page A5 size booklet entitled ‘Water Metering – A fairer way to pay’, explaining the billing process and ways to identify leaks and conserve water was sent to each customer with the first bill.    A copy is also available at . A leaflet explaining each line of the bill was also included.