‘Council can use rates to lower childcare costs’


Sligo County Councillor, Sinéad Maguire, has urged Roscommon County Council to examine ways it can use the commercial rates reform introduced by Fine Gael in Government to lower operating costs for childcare providers.

 The Fine Gael Councillor said: “The Local Government Rates and Other Matters Act 2019 provides a real opportunity for the council to change the situation on the ground for childcare providers, which will lead to lower costs for parents.

  “The Act allows local authorities to target important national and local objectives in rates alleviation and abatement schemes, including business sectors that are identified in a county’s Local Development Plan.

  “There is a golden opportunity here to ensure that childcare is one sector which is identified as one which could benefit from a rate alleviation or abatement scheme.

  “This would see a significant saving for childcare providers who I believe would then pass on that saving to parents to remain competitive,” said Cllr. Maguire.