Council accepts need for new hotel in Castlerea

Roscommon County Council will facilitate the development of a new hotel in Castlerea because they feel that it would stimulate economic growth.

  In the draft Castlerea Local Area Plan 2016-2020, it is noted that the “economic downturn has impacted upon Castlerea and contributed towards a lack of commercial growth in the town for the past number of years”.

  The council held a ‘pre-draft consultation’, when the community noted the “lack of a hotel and other visitor accommodation in the area”.

  They also said that “several shops/retail units had ceased trading and are disused”, and that residents were going out of town to shop and work.

  According to the Draft Plan, the community noted: “Developments such as a new hotel could be a catalyst for further new commercial development in Castlerea and potential significant increase in visitors to the town.”

  The council appears to have taken note because the Draft Plan says that the local authority would “facilitate a hotel development in Castlerea, which would be an anchor for new associated commercial developments”.

  It also says that “a new hotel could have a knock-on effect for the creation of ancillary commercial developments, such as restaurants and shops”.

  The west Roscommon has been without a hotel since Tully’s Hotel closed down in October 2014.

  During pre-draft consultation, the community also said that there was a need for an indoor swimming pool in Castlerea – an outdoor pool already exists in the town – along with a playground and running track.