Cop-eration Transformation!


Sgt. Cryan for RTE show in New Year


One man to watch out for in the New Year is Tulsk native David Cryan who will feature as a leader on the RTE series Operation Transformation.

  David is a Garda Sergeant based in the Bridewell in Dublin and lives in Lucan with wife Siobhán, son Dillon (5) and daughter Zoe (3). He has been in Dublin since 2000 but hopes

to move back home in the future.

  He says that while he is excited about the new series, he’s also slightly nervous about the results.

  “I am looking forward to it but I’m nervous too because it’s a big challenge. I weigh 19 stone at the moment and I’d be hoping to lose a couple of stone by next June.

  “I’ve never been skinny. The weight has increased since I stopped playing football. I’ve been eating the same but not training as much!”

  Life hasn’t been easy for the Cryans of late, as 3-year-old Zoe, who suffers from a chronic lung disease, recently took ill. While David says she’s doing well, the frequent trips to hospital, shift work and his own bad habits have all contributed to his weight gain.

  Another reason for the extra pounds will be one familiar to many men in their 30s.

  “I would have played football for Tulsk GAA up until my twenties and then when I became a guard I joined the Garda team in Westmanstown. But since I stopped playing a couple of years ago, the weight has gradually increased.

  “Fitness-wise I won’t be terrible but the diet is my big thing and it’s about planning and preparing and trying to figure out what to eat when I’m in work at 2 am!”

  David admits that while he received “some slagging” from one of his brothers when it became known he had applied for Operation Transformation, the time had come to take action.

  “Everyone has a stone or two they could probably lose and I needed a bit of help. When you apply you don’t think about it and as it (selection process) proceeds it becomes more and more real!”

  David was announced as one of next year’s leaders when he was surprised by Kathryn Thomas at work during the Ray D’Arcy programme on Radio One and says he hopes to learn from the experience. He also hopes the people of Roscommon lend their support and follow him as he goes through his own Operation Transformation.

  David will be in Castlerea on January 13th to take part in the Operation Transformation nationwide walk. He’d greatly appreciate your support!