‘Cool heads needed over NI Protocol’ – ICMSA

ICMSA President Pat McCormack has called for “cool heads and calm exposition” following this week’s announcement that the British Government intends bringing forward legislation that is expected to overrule aspects of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

“While we are entitled to feel aggrieved by this latest example of the British Government engaging in bad faith brinkmanship at our expense, we are bound to persevere and continue to attempt to extricate the British Government from the latest hole it has dug for itself,” he said.

Mr McCormack said it was particularly unfortunate that the sector most likely to feel the full negative effect of any trade dissonance was the dairy sector – both north and south – which was an all-island economy and functioned with a degree of efficiency and integration that made it an example to all other sectors.

He noted that the most negative effects would undoubtedly fall on northern dairy farmers and the ease with which certain Northern Irish political parties were willing to contemplate this should give those farmers pause for thought.

“Our best hope seems to lie in some elements of the British Parliament grasping fully the scale of the diplomatic and legal vandalism that the proposed ‘overrule’ of the Protocol represented and defeating it in Parliament,” Mr. McCormack said.