Convent of Mercy crowned county ‘Climate Brains’

Transition year students from the Convent of Mercy, Roscommon were recently crowned ‘Climate Brains’ of Roscommon, defeating both CBS Roscommon and Roscommon Community College in a multimedia Climate quiz on April 8th.

  The event was held in CBS and run in conjunction with Cracking-Carbon, a group which organises events aimed at reigniting climate awareness and action.

  The Convent of Mercy team was represented by Olivia Bliss, Alison McNamara, Eva Rogers, Emma Farrell, Jennifer Morris and Eabha Dowd.

  Students answered questions on the science and geography of climate change; including questions on the many famous people who have engaged in the climate debate; politicians, personalities and celebrities for example.

  Cracking-Carbon founder, Simon Ruddy, said: “Our goal is to move climate awareness beyond simply imparting facts and figures on climate change, which people are fully aware of at this stage.

  “Cracking-Carbon focuses instead on delivering climate awareness initiatives and events that are more engaging, immersive and even fun, creating a more memorable experience that will stick-in-the-minds of students long after the event, thereby lending itself more to cultivating that sense of personal responsibility we will each need to adopt if we are to reverse or even slow down the devastating impacts of climate change.

  “We make the event fun by including lots of hilarious and even bizarre video clips of celebrities and personalities making some ‘unusual’ statements on climate change, and then asking participants a related question.

  “We then ask the students to guess the name of the celebrity, or some other related question. Although these bizarre statements would appear to go against conventional thinking on climate change, they do nonetheless present the students with a broader perspective in terms of the array of viewpoints out there – including the whackier ones!

  “More importantly, it keeps students laughing and engaged while they answer the serious climate questions”.

  The Convent of Mercy will now take-up their deserved placing on Cracking-Carbon’s national league table, which, over the coming 18 months will identify the Smartest Climate students in Ireland, with Kildare and Wicklow schools next on the list of regional events.