Contracts signed for design phase of Roscommon Town Centre

The contracts for the design phase of the Roscommon Town Centre project ‘Putting the Spokes back into the Hub’ were signed recently following on from the allocation of €9.2 million in funding under the Urban Regeneration and Development Fund.

The project is aimed at supporting the town centre by creating enhanced links from the perimeter of the town in order to entice people to “stop, shop and stay awhile” in Roscommon. It also includes plans to develop a cycle rim to encourage greater cycling within the town centre area.

A core element of the design phase will be to give members of the public an opportunity to input into the consultation as the various elements are delivered. Consultation opportunities will be arranged throughout the process.

Council officials say the plan will transform Roscommon from “a three-minute driving town” to a “five to ten-minute walking and cycling town”, with each of the main spokes of the wheel supporting the development and sustainability of a strong, vibrant commercial heart, which can support a population within its immediate environs of 8,000 people (currently 5,900) and sustainable job creation.

The project consists of four spokes, centred around the town centre/hub: Spoke 1 – creation of a Civic Square, linking the new Linear Park on Circular Road to the Market Square and Main Street Commercial Hub; Spoke 2 – activating the backlands of Main Street through pedestrian links for town centre living; Spoke 3 – the development of opportunities for social infrastructure in the brownfield sites of Henry Street and Church Street; and Spoke 4 – the creation of pedestrian and cycle routes to create a low-carbon transport county town.

The overall concept envisages the Market Square and Main Street as the commercial, vibrant wheel hub.

The cost of the project is approximately €12 million, including grant and match funding from Roscommon County Council. The design process will commence in the coming weeks, and the project is expected to run from 2021 to 2025. The project was developed by the Regeneration Unit, in consultation with Roscommon Chamber of Commerce and Roscommon Town Teams.