Connolly’s ‘laptops for farmers’ appeal!

CLLR. Domnick Connolly has called on the Minister for Agriculture to introduce funding which would assist farmers with the cost of purchasing a laptop.  ‘Farming has become increasingly more bureaucratic and more and more farmers are now requiring a computer in order to keep up to date accounts and to assist them in completing the large volume of paperwork required on an annual basis,’ explained the Fine Gael councillor. ‘However, the cost of purchasing a laptop is an expense many small farmers simply cannot afford as their farm income would not justify it.  ‘As a result I am calling on the Minister to establish a scheme which would provide funding to assist these farmers in either purchasing a laptop or setting up an office in their own home. At present farmers who cannot afford to do this themselves are clearly losing out when it comes to filling out paperwork. Farmers have a variety of forms to fill in every year as well as maintaining herd and flock registers and a laptop or dedicated office space could help to speed up the process and leave farmers more valuable time for farming.’  Cllr. Connolly added: ‘I would urge the Minister to give this proposal serious consideration and to introduce such a scheme as soon as possible.’