Community role for closed Garda Station in Tarmonbarry?

A delegation from the Tarmonbarry area which met with Minister Sean Canney and officials from the Office of Public Works was accompanied by Senators Maura Hopkins and Terry Leyden in Leinster House recently in order to lobby Minister Canney to secure the closed Garda Station in Tarmonbarry village as a Resource Centre for the community.


  Former county councillor Tom Crosby informed the Minister and the OPW officials that, since the Garda Station was closed down in 2012, the Development Association in Tarmonbarry has been in constant contact with the OPW in order to secure the premises for much-needed community facilities.

  Mr. Crosby spoke of Tarmonbarry being one of the fastest growing villages in the west of Ireland, stating that obtaining the Garda Station would have a huge benefit for the people of the parish. The facility, he contended, could accommodate facilities for all age groups.

  Senator Maura Hopkins stated that she was very much committed to the Garda Station being leased to the community as she knows that there is an essential need for a resource centre in this fast-growing village.

  Senator Terry Leyden stated that while he was aware of the OPW policy in relation to the large number of Garda Stations that closed down all over country over the last few years, it was his belief that in Tarmonbarry there was a very strong and essential need to lease the closed Garda Station to the Development Assocation to provide the much-needed facility in the community.

  Minister Canney stated that the policy by his Department/OPW for closed Garda Stations is to firstly identify if other state bodies including government departments and the wider public sector has a use for the property. If no state requirement is identified, or if a decision is taken not to dispose of a particular property, the OPW would consider community involvement subject to the receipt of an appropriate business case which would indicate that the community group has the means to insure, maintain and manage the property.

  The Minister acknowledged that a very strong case was being made to him.

  He noted that currently there is a review underway regarding possibly reopening a small number of the closed Garda Stations around the country and that he would have to wait until that review was concluded before he was in a position to consider the building for community use.