Community Games news

Mosney Weekend: All competitors travelling independently to Mosney should allow plenty of time for arrival and registration. The All-Ireland Committee have informed all areas that due to the increased activities at this weekends’ event there will be a vast increase of people and traffic entering the area which could result in long delays. It is recommended that an extra 2 hours should be allowed on approach to the area to ensure that competitors get in and find out where they are going. Under no circumstances will they make allowances for late arrivals, so it will be up to individuals to ensure that they arrive on time. Swimming Competition: The Swimming competition will take place at Roscommon Swimming Pool on the weekend 14th & 15th June. The U12, U14 and Squad will compete on Saturday 14th June and the U8, U10 and U16 will compete on Sunday 15th June. Both competitions will start at 5.30 pm. Athletics: Wednesday 4th June is the final date for entry forms to be returned for the athletics finals.  This is to ensure that all competitors’ names will be included in the printed programme. It was requested that forms be sent initially to Eileen Brennan at Ballyhaunis but this was a mistake. Forms should be sent to the County Secretary Anne Keane who will, after checking them, forward them on for inclusion. Gymnastics: Due to unforeseen circumstances the Gymnastics competition has to be cancelled on Tuesday 20th May but has been re-scheduled for Monday 16th June. Castlerea Games: Castlerea will host their local Athletics on June 2nd at 4pm in the Community School pitch. Everyone Welcome.