Coming up Roses



Make sure you make the most of these colourful and fragrant plants in your garden say the experts at Ardcarne Garden Centre

  Sumptuous blooms, delicious fragrance and steeped in history and romance, roses capture all the dreamy beauty of the summer garden. They are also immensely versatile in the garden, from small patio varieties that are ideal for containers, to lofty ramblers that produce cascades of flowers from walls and supports. The popular Floribunda and Hybrid Tea varieties are perfect for planting on their own in beds, but roses also blend easily into mixed borders, especially the David Austin shrub roses which have the old-fashioned rose look and fragrance, combined with long flowering.

  Newer developments in the rose family include the Flower Carpet Roses, which are invaluable for their easy-care nature and months of colour, often from June until November. Look out for a range of fabulous colours within the Flower Carpet range and plant in large groups of the same variety to make a showy impact.

 If you fancy the idea of planting some roses in your garden now is an ideal time as most are in flower – so you can see exactly what the flowers are like. Make sure you treat them to plenty of compost or Westland Farmyard Manure when planting, keep them well watered, especially during the first summer and look forward to years, or even generations of flowers!