Comfy by name, comfy by nature

The Comfy Café in the heart of Roscommon town combines a funky interior with an eclectic menu sprinkled with good coffee. One step inside the Main Street premises will prove that it does exactly what it says on the tin.

  Many Roscommon folk as well as tourists like myself have passed through the doors and taken a seat in the warm and welcoming café and frequent return trips usually follow.

  Daire and Oonagh Stephens, brother and sister team from the town, have run the establishment for the past two and a half years with the help of their experienced culinary team – Monika, Olivia, Niamh, Grace, Aga, Arletta, Selina and Ruth.

  “I went from being my own boss to having seven or eight bosses”, jokes Daire.

  The former tiling contracter is a long way from the building sites of Dublin, but seems comfortable in his current surroundings.

  “Myself and Oonagh come from construction backgrounds, although Oonagh had been doing farmer’s markets on the side and when it came to it she was the perfect choice for a business partner.”

  Running a busy café is not everyone’s cup of tea, but Daire insists the little things are the most important. “Customer service is so important, the girls are brilliant when it comes to the customers and that’s what brings people back.”

  The staff is indeed friendly but the food and coffee are also a big plus which is vital in such a competitive business.

  “There are quite a few places in Roscommon now, so you have to be top of your game, and we strive to offer a consistent menu with great food and coffee”, Daire added.

  A new addition in the last couple of weeks has been the take-away window at the front of the store. Perfect for those busy lunch-breaks or early mornings for New York style take-out coffee and food on the go.

  “You don’t really get an hour for lunch anymore so hopefully this will allow people to grab something even if they’re busy,” Daire said, just as a coffee was handed through the window.

  If you fancy a coffee or a bite to eat whether in a rush or with time to spare, Daire, Oonagh and their welcoming staff are on hand to help, sitting nice and comfortable in Main Street.