Colour style tips with Geraldine Grealy

Lifestyle blogger Geraldine Grealy, of Geri’s Closet, shares some clothing colours styling advice

A consultation with a clothes colour stylist a few years ago armed me with a world of knowledge about colour tones that suit me. Sallow skinned brunettes like me are lucky in the sense that many colours will suit our skin tone, but I’ve identified (through trial and error) that certain colours can be equally draining and very unflattering and are best left avoided.

Orange-y reds, corals, gold, dark browns and deep forest greens are a terrific compliment to black/brown hair. Brunettes can also look great in a range of greens – mossy to olive and sage tones. Personally, I love teal green. Nature’s best browns and beiges are universally flattering to brunettes and indeed blondes, who can wear dark chocolate and creamy lighter tones, as well as browns that have a hint of red. Rich gold tones are stunning on brunettes and blondes/redheads when they choose deep tones – but avoid lemon-y colours. Rich burgundy reds work great as well. Brown-haired ladies can look fabulous in a range of blues; denim, blueberry and pure navy all work.

For blondes, other good choices to compliment your hair colour include a clear turquoise and cobalt. Pastel colour choices, depending on the shade of your hair and indeed your eye colour, can also work very well on both blondes and brunettes. Lighter brunettes may find that certain pastels wash their skin tone out. Always factor seasonality when choosing and matching your clothes, and dare to be adventurous when choosing your wardrobe style. Saturated shades are more flattering, so personally, I look for deep corals and pinks, bright blues and greens with a yellow undertone.

Ruby red, burgundy, plum and claret are all winners for brunettes, and some of my favourite dresses come in these colours. The colour purple has always been a popular and trendy colour, and it’s extremely flattering on women with dark hair. Personally, I go for a purple with blue undertones.

The traditional matching of your bag with the same colour gloves and shoes is always a safe style choice, but sometimes it pays to be daring and introduce a pop of colour with a smart neck scarf that matches your shoes and bag and lip colour.

A good tip is always wear a smart, nude high heel when trying on a dress/or pants as it can elongate your leg, and the nude colour will match most universal colours. A neutral beige tone foundation and a pop of your favourite red/coral lipstick will really finish off any brunette’s look perfectly.


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