Collins in plea for ASIST participation

The County Board’s ASAP officer Mr. Noel Collins (Elphin), made an impasssioned plea at the Convention for clubs to encourage as many people to do the ASIST course as possible. ASIST is Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.    Mr. Collins also said that it was important to continue to highlight and deal with the ongoing problem of alcohol and drug abuse.   ‘I have to persist with this one. We have got to try to do something about the scourge that is suicide in our communities and I am pleading with clubs to make sure that they appoint an ASAP officer for 2008 and that officer should be a member of the club executive.    ‘We have had so many suicides in the recent past and it’s only when someone has passed away that we can look back and see that there were signs. If we can train people to spot the signs then it will at least give us a chance of detection’ he said.   ‘Alcohol and drug abuse is such a serious issue now