Closure of post offices sinister — Kelly

General election candidate John Kelly claims that there is something very sinister happening behind the scenes with regard to the closure of rural post offices. "Repeated representations to the Minister to retain this service so as to cater for the elderly and rurally isolated has met with blank silence," he claims. "It appears that the Minister would prefer to do business with the big banks – a strategy that may backfire," he added. On this point, Cllr. Kelly was delighted to see last week that the Comptroller and Auditor General has expressed the same view as himself that the use of post offices is preferable to paying social welfare into bank accounts in terms of fraud control.  "Now that this Government watchdog has made it clear to Minister Seamus Brennan that his course of action is not the correct one, it will be interesting to see if he acts on it, or continues to pursue his own negative policy towards rural Ireland and the vulnerable people therein," Cllr. Kelly concluded.