Cllr. Naughten welcomes work to improve derelict Parkway site




 Cllr. John Naughten has welcomed the start of a clean-up project on a derelict site in Monksland, Athlone.

  “The work being funded by Roscommon County Council to clean up a derelict site in Monksland, which is known locally as the Parkway site, is extremely welcome,” stated Cllr. Naughten.

  Cllr. Naughten said that he has been raising the condition of this site from a health and safety point of view with Roscommon County Council on an ongoing basis, with the support of his Council colleagues.

  “The residents in the area were very concerned that a serious incident would occur at this location due to the fact that the site was unsecured and a number of derelict portacabins, which were in a dangerous condition, remained on site at the location. I am delighted that work is now underway to improve this location”.