Cigar factory fall-out: No smoke without ire


Reports in the Roscommon People of some squabbling between local politicians prompted regular correspondent Ian Hestor to write in as follows:

  “Dear Editor…with politicians Eugene Murphy (v Michael Fitzmaurice) and Maura Hopkins (v Rachel Doherty) taking ‘pot-shots’ at each other over the cigar factory closure in Ballaghaderreen, one might ask where is ‘Ming’ Flanagan in all of this caper?

  “Now that we have, at long last, the panacea for pain sufferers with medicinal cannabis oil soon to be legislated for by this Government, we hope that the Ballaghaderreen hinterland and its farmers can be licensed to grow the ‘weed’ with the almost perfect favourable climatic conditions prevailing for optimum growth presently. “This would be a massive boost for farmers if grown as a cash crop and the Ballaghaderreen cigar plant rolled into one in the production of cannabis oil.

  “It would mitigate the negative side-effects in the wake of Brexit that are already impacting on cattle prices.

  “We are calling all the politicians involved and indeed the law enforcers themselves not to be so ‘highminded’ about the social stigma attached to cannabis and to use the opportunity instead to start up production of the cannabis oil resin – for medicinal use only, of course! 

  “So now, ‘Ming’ Flanagan MEP – it’s time to deliver oñ the promises made in the past. Start rollin’ man!”

  Looks like it’s over to Ming!