Ciara goes from arranging flowers to arranging music!

New single ‘I Am Your Healer’ out now

 From arranging flowers to arranging music, 24-year-old Roscommon singer and florist Ciara Lawless, works in her flower shop by day before writing and recording her own music by night!

Her new single ‘I Am Your Healer’ is available now from Human Angel Records and across all streaming services.

Ciara made her mark on the music industry with her debut single, ‘Half The Man’, in May of this year. Since then, she has been sharpening her stage skills over the summer while performing at various festivals including The Mná Festival at Dun na Sí, Co. Westmeath and The Lovestock Festival in Tuamgraney, Co. Clare.

With I Am Your Healer, Ciara delves into the profound themes of love, self-discovery, and healing. Set for release this September, the song promises to captivate hearts and minds, leaving an indelible imprint on all who encounter its ethereal melodies.

Ciara told the Roscommon People this week that “this is only the beginning”, as she has plans to release a new album in May 2024.

Ciara writes and sings contemporary pop songs exploring modern themes of mindfulness and wellbeing. Her songs are easy listening folk-pop songs and feature acoustic guitar as the primary instrument, with melodic and catchy choruses.

The songs are mellow and melodic, evoking a sense of nostalgia and exploring modern themes of mindfulness and wellbeing, delivered with Ciara’s particularly distinctive voice.

Ciara’s music journey began at a young age when she started taking classes in acting and singing. She later developed an interest in classical and opera, training at the Academy of Music in Tullamore, where she also competed in national and international competitions.

While some singers cut their teeth while climbing the music ladder, Ciara earned her stripes as a funeral singer before embarking on her current musical journey.

You can find Ciara’s music on all streaming platforms.