Christy’s Winning Streak? It’s not like a dream come true, it IS a dream come true!

For Christy Rattigan, one of Roscommon town’s best-known characters, this weekend’s appearance on RTE gameshow ‘Winning Streak’ isn’t just like a dream coming true – it is a dream come true!    Bachelor Christy (52) whose ‘match 3’ scratch card was selected on last weekend’s show, had a premonition of his good fortune in a dream the previous week.    ‘A week before my ticket was drawn I had a dream that I was on Winning Streak. I remember looking at Derek (Mooney, show host) in the dream and asking him what seat would I take on stage. He put me in the fourth seat!’    Christy was so sure that his luck was in, he even told a friend that he would be unable to meet a commitment next weekend because he had to appear on Winning Streak. ‘I told Jimmy Menton I wanted to clean up at the Hyde Centre as I wouldn’t be able to do it next weekend because I’d be on Winning Streak!’    Christy’s lucky streak had its origins when he sent in a ‘three stars’ card during the summer. There was a little drama at the beginning when he was contacted by the organisers over the August Bank Holiday weekend and told he had failed to add his signature. He was given fourteen days to re-submit, and did so.    ‘Fast forward’ to the events of the past week or so. First the dream, then the comment to a colleague. But of course this was all before the events of last Saturday night. Winning Streak came on and Christy was at his home in Henry Street on his own, ‘lying in the couch.’ He takes up the story.    ‘Derek Mooney took out the first two cards, then he took out the third and asked the audience to guess what county it was from. They shouted out a couple of counties but Derek said ‘You’re all wrong, it’s Roscommon!’ I said to myself ‘it’s going to be mine.’ Then Derek said ‘Christy Rattigan’ and I burst out in tears.’    Christy’s phone was ‘hopping’ on Saturday night and Sunday morning and all week the congratulations and good wishes have continued.    ‘I’m walking up the street all week and everyone’s wishing me well, everyone seems to know about it. People have been sending me cards. They’ve been great in Eight ’til Late. I want to thank everyone for their support.’    And so this weekend. Christy has a bus (there will be 22 on board) organised for the trip to Dublin. The programme will be recorded on Friday. He’s not nervous, he’s featured on stage before, he says. His biggest win in the past was €350 on telly bingo but now he’s guaranteed several thousand euro and he might get to spin the wheel for the really big cash prizes.    ‘I’ll take whatever I get’ says Christy with a smile, as he heads back to meet more of the Roscommon public, with his dream coming true and its ending still be to be revealed.