‘Charity shops are not a dumping ground’

Waldron highlights concerns of local charity shops

At the January meeting of Roscommon Municipal District, Councillor Anthony Waldron highlighted the ongoing problem of people leaving clothes and other items in front of charity shops after hours.

Cllr Waldron says: “Our charity shops are a vital part of the make-up of the centre of Roscommon. They provide quality second-hand goods at affordable prices. However, not everything that people wish to donate is suitable, and well-meaning people must understand that it is essential that they bring their donations during opening hours so that staff can receive them.

“With Storms Isha and Jocelyn, we had a major problem in Castlecourt when donations which had been left after hours were blown all over the place. In addition, food items were left which could attract vermin.

“We cannot afford for this practice to continue since it becomes a major issue for both the charity shops and the County Council”.

Cllr Waldron concluded: “Charity shops are not a dumping ground, so please do not leave soiled or ripped clothing, food items or broken goods. In addition, each charity shop has their own policy regarding what they can accept – for example, some will not accept toys or books, so please check beforehand”.