Change in attitude to anti-wrinkle and cosmetic injections

Study shows that almost 50% of people would consider anti-wrinkle treatments to counteract looking older

A new study has shown that people in Ireland are now less concerned with getting a negative reaction to having Botox or anti-wrinkle treatments. In fact, they are more open about trying it. The research by Therapie Clinic shows the changing attitudes towards anti-wrinkle treatments. Clinic Manager at Therapie Clinic, Garden Vale Athlone, Lisa Rohan says: “Our clients are looking for a treatment that will improve their confidence and make the most of their natural beauty – while getting value for money. Injectables are amazing as the results are almost instant. We have also made our pricing more accessible recently. The interest has been incredible! Our Doctor’s Clinic is booked up within hours lately.”

The Study

The Therapie study looked at the demand for anti-wrinkle treatments, and their affordability. Ms. Rohan explains: “The study asked if the demand was there and if it was made more affordable, would more people get it done – without mentioning us or any other provider of the treatment.

  “The research findings state that over a fifth of Irish people believe their attitudes to anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers have been influenced by celebrities they admire having the treatments.

Interestingly, more than 1 in 3 (35%) would be motivated to try anti-wrinkle treatments and fillers, knowing that their family or friends had tried them, rather than a celebrity.

  “The study results are so interesting. The stigma associated with any form of injectable or cosmetic treatment is clearly fading. People are proud to look after their appearance. Our advice is to choose the right clinic and one with the best reputation. A qualified physician should carry out the treatment in a private and clinical environment,” says Ms. Rohan.


The Therapie study also looked at people’s motivation for having the treatment done. Ms. Rohan explains that reaching a milestone birthday can be a trigger factor.

  “One of the biggest things we find is that when people reach 40 or their mid-30s, they feel the need to address long-standing concerns they have with their skin and want to do something positive about it.” One of the main focuses at Therapie, is that ‘beauty comes from within’ and this can be achieved through being healthy and confident, and taking the time to look after your body and skin.

With this in mind, Therapie take the time to discuss the treatment options with clients and for those who do get it done, the confidence and benefits afterwards are immense.

  “It makes a huge difference in their lives. It’s such a positive thing for people, especially when they see the results after having deep lines and wrinkles for so long.”

  Therapie advocate the natural look and approach with anti-wrinkle treatments. Ms. Rohan adds: “Comments are not about what you’ve had done. It’s about how good a person looks and in particular how great their skin looks. This all has a knock-on effect in a person’s confidence.”


“People also thought it was very expensive to get this done, having seen celebrities getting the treatment. When you think that the treatment lasts up to six months and if you equate that to what you would spend on skincare products, then it is very affordable,” she says.

  Ms. Rohan explains that “anti-wrinkle treatment for one area costs €120 and for two areas, it costs €240. This is far more affordable than it would be anywhere else,” she says. Making it more affordable has opened up this treatment as a viable option to so many more people.


Commenting on the research results, Thérapie Clinic Surgeon, Dr. Andre Nel said: “This research shows that, across the country, Irish people are becoming increasingly inclined towards the use of Anti-Wrinkle Injections and fillers. Anti-Wrinkle Injections and fillers are not for everyone, but for some people, these treatments can make a positive difference to their self-image and confidence. Thérapie Clinic treatments are only carried out by world-leading doctors and we ensure the most natural results possible.”

  Ms. Rohan adds “We believe our treatments should be accessible to all Irish people who feel they would make a positive different to their lives. So we are now offering anti-wrinkle Botox treatments for only €120 per area.”

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