Chamber of…OPTIMISM!

Brendan Allen says the lifting of restrictions was a welcome surprise

The President of Roscommon Chamber of Commerce, Brendan Allen, welcomed the recent lifting of Covid-19 restrictions, and said it was a welcome surprise for local businesses.

  “It came as a surprise…but it was a good surprise. Covid has taught us to be prepared for anything. It’s hard to believe we went through those two years, to be honest,” he said.

  “The Government and health officials, who are usually very cautious people, seemed happy to lift the restrictions and that was very welcome”.

  Mr. Allen said the rise in cases locally due to the Omicron variant had put added strain on business owners in recent weeks.

  “There was some uncertainty around

Omicron and we didn’t know whether it would bring us back to square one. That did affect businesses, but once people realised the vaccinations were making a difference and this was a milder variant, things began to improve,” he said.

  The Chamber President highlighted some of the positive developments that have taken place in the county town in recent months.

  “During the pandemic we have seen the regeneration of The Square in Roscommon. The Square is a fantastic resource and a focal point for the town for when we want to host events,” he said.

  “I’m hopeful that will help to develop a new energy in the community and the town and that we can take advantage of new opportunities and developments in terms of events and festivals. We have a wonderful infrastructure which will hopefully allow us to do that now”.

  Looking ahead to the spring, Mr. Allen said there was increased positivity in Roscommon town.

  “We are coming back into growth and I think people are ready for that. The weather has also been good and hopefully that’s a sign of brighter things to come,” he concluded.