Celebrations in Tisrara

Tisrara NS, Four Roads, will celebrate its golden jubilee next year. Built in 1957, the teachers and pupils moved from the old school (where the Community Sports Park dressing rooms are now) in to the new school building in October 1958. Already, a committee has been formed to plan the 50th anniversary. Their man priority at this stage is to work on a publication to mark this milestone. They are appealing to anyone who has photographs, to make them available for copying and inclusion in the book. They would be particularly interested in photographs from the late 50s, the 60s and 70s, depicting any aspect of school life in these years. Please be assured that they will be well-minded, copied and handed back in a short time. Please contact the school at (090) 66 23367 or T. Connolly at (087) 2363036. If you can help in any other way or would like to join the committee, your help would be very welcome. The next meeting is this Thursday night at 8.30 pm in the school.