Celebrating Mother’s Day post-restrictions

Mother’s Day 2022 marks the first time in three years that we’re able to celebrate the event in person.

  For a lot of people, one of the most difficult aspects of living under restrictions was having to be isolated from family. Many people did not see their loved ones for weeks or months at a time, and events like Mother’s Day had to be celebrated virtually. However, now that restrictions are lifted, we once again have the opportunity to celebrate the occasion in person.

  So, while it is important to be cognisant of the dangers still posed by Covid, here are some ideas for how to make the best of Mother’s Day 2022 after two years of mostly virtual-only celebrations.  

Book Mum a holiday!

One of the things that had to go by the wayside over the past two years was the idea of going on holidays, and many people haven’t had the opportunity to get away properly since Covid struck. So why not consider gifting your Mam a trip away, be it in Ireland or abroad?

Spoil with a Spa!

Everyone loves a bit of rest and relaxation, and who’s more deserving of a bit of TLC than mothers? Just like holidays, spa tips weren’t exactly something that could be embarked on during the past couple of years, making them an even more desirable gift option for Mother’s Day this year.

Enjoy a day out…

Why not make the most of our ‘new freedom’ and treat Mam to a day out this Mother’s Day. Whether she’s into shopping, history, sightseeing etc., there’s bound to be a spot she would love to spend the day at, especially after we’ve all been restricted to much the same area(s) for so long.

  All in all, no matter what way you choose to spend Mother’s Day this Sunday, if you’re able to meet up in person, having some face to face time with loved ones remains the biggest and most meaningful change in how we’re able to celebrate this year.

  As we mentioned before, for many people, not being able to see family was the hardest part of Covid during lockdowns. So, at the very least, we can be grateful that families across Ireland will be able to spend Mother’s Day together this year.

*Our thoughts are very much with readers who lost their mother during the pandemic. We know how emotional a time this will be. You are in our thoughts.