Cathal can’t wait!

One of the young stars of the St. Brigids team this year is Cathal McHugh, who has made a corner-forward position his own, grabbing many vital scores to help his team to Sunday’s final. He told the Roscommon People that he is really looking forward to his first county senior final. ‘I can’t wait for it. There is something special about your first senior final and there is great excitement bulding up in the parish ahead of Sunday’s game’ he said.    Cathal says that he is pleased with his form but in common with most players he is just happy to be part of the team. ‘I’m happy with my form but it’s just great to be part of the team and doing my bit to help them win, which is the most important thing’ he said.    The young attacker reckons that St. Faithleachs will be a handful on Sunday. ‘I’m expecting a real tough game. They will be really hungry having lost last year and we will have to match their hunger if we want to win. We have a big panel now in St. Brigids so if any of us are not playing well there is someone else to step in immediately."    He believes that Brigids’ experience should be an asset to them. ‘Most of our players have played county football level at one stage or another so that should be a bonus to us. It’s going to be a real tough game but I can’t wait for it. It’s what we train all year for’ he concluded.