Castlerea GP hits out over treatment of cancer patient

A Castlerea GP’s patient is being treated at Roscommon Hospital because he refused to return to the emergency department at University Hospital Galway (UHG).

  Dr. Greg Kelly said that his male patient, who has cancer, had developed complications after chemotherapy and had to be referred back to UHG for intravenous treatment.

  However, he refused to do so because of the likelihood of spending days on a trolley and the prospect of long delays at the emergency department.

  Dr. Kelly said: “He stated that under no circumstances would he go back. He just couldn’t face it under any circumstances.”

  Dr. Kelly said that, when patients with cancer develop complications, they should be immediately granted a bed in a hospital, instead of having to be “put right through the hoops when they go into A&E”.

  “There is no need whatsoever to put them through the usual casualty system,” Dr. Kelly said.

  “It is terrible to have a very sick patient to go in, queue up for hours and then sleep on a trolley in a corridor for a few days.”

  Dr. Kelly described such treatment as “inhumane”.

  “An animal shouldn’t be treated like that, never mind a human being, in any civilised society that calls itself a first-world country,” he said.

  Dr. Kelly made contact with Roscommon Hospital to ask it to admit him.

  Dr. Kelly said that the patient was admitted to Roscommon Hospital on Wednesday, March 30, and was being well looked after.