Castlecoote Lodge midsummer ‘Trad Night’

The monthly trad night at Castlecoote Lodge takes place this Friday, June 17th, starting at 10 pm.

  Come along for another exhilarating session of music, song, dance and story at the Lodge. Last month’s session saw an unbelievable array of talented performers take part. This exciting session was filmed by Mimar Media as part of a documentary film on the River Suck, its people, heritage and culture. It was commissioned by Suck Valley Angling Hub and Suck Valley Development Cooperative Society Ltd.

  The film, titled ‘Along By The River: Discover the River Suck’, will be premiered in Roscommon Arts Centre on Friday, August 26th at 8 pm as part of Heritage Week.

  There is no need to wait that long to experience the lively session at the Lodge.

Why not come along on to Friday night’s session where you will receive a warm welcome.